I wanna (Lyrik)

I wanna touch your mind,
I wanna touch your soul,
I wanna touch your heart,
I wanna touch you all over.

I wanna hold your heart,
I wanna save your soul,
I wanna make you mine,
I wanna never let you go.

I wanna kiss your skin,
I wanna kiss your Lips,
I wanna feel your heat,
I wanna feel the beat of your heart.

I wanna hold you tight,
all day and all night.
Show you how wunderfull you are,
with mind, body and scars.

Go away (Lyrik)

Take my heart and go away
don’t look back and never stay.

Death please take my pain away,
Let me go, i do not want to stay.

Bury me deep, inside your hearts, that’s the only  place i want to be, where you always remember me.